Fix Outriders Inbox Locked Bug

Recently, many players are experiencing several different types of errors in Outriders. One of the most recent errors is Inbox Locked. Players are not able to access their inbox to get their bonuses like the Hell’s Rangers Bonus. Players are facing this issue because the developers have added several missions and challenges in Outriders but some of the missions have minor errors that cause Inbox Locked Bug

If you’re stuck in the same error, check out the solution here in the following.

How to Fix Outriders Inbox Locked Bug

To fix this Inbox Locked bug, there are certain things you can do.

Exit and restart the game again 

The first try you can do is to go back into the lobby and then re-enter the game. This way, many players have successfully fixed this issue. Instead, you can also exit the game completely and then enter into it. It will help to ‘Unlock’ your inbox. However, to get the Bonuses, all the gamers need to reach level 10.

Start the game with another character

The second method you can try out is quite complicated but still not too tough to do it. You can start playing the game using another character. To do this, open your Inbox. And then move all of your stuff into your Stash.

From here, you can move all of the things to your ‘Primary’ character or just place them on the ‘Secondary’. 

Try to access the inbox from Rift Town

This is fairly a strange fixing solution but it worked for some players. In this, you need to attempt to access the inbox from Rift Town. So, quickly travel to Rift Town and then restart the game. Once you logged in again, directly go to your stash and check if the inbox is locked or not. 

For certain reasons, the inbox will unlock for gamers if they logged in while in Rift Town. Once you’re able to access Inbox, get whatever you want from it, because some gamers have also stated that the inbox locks again as soon as you leave Rift Town. We know, it is a weird solution to fix the Outriders Inbox Locked bug, but it will work – You should try it out!

So far, these are the only solutions to fix Outriders Inbox Locked Bug. 

Hope this quick guide will help you to fix Outriders Inbox Locked Bug. Check out our other posts and guides on Outriders and all other popular games. Learn How to Fix Outriders ‘A Bad Day’ Quest Bug?

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