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Fix New World ‘VOIP Channel Join Failed’ Error

Fix New World 'VOIP Channel Join Failed' Error

New World game is unnotedly one of the major releases of 2021. You can try this closed Beta version now but only if you have already ordered it. However, the main problem is, several players have already started getting several technical issues and errors. And it was expected like any other Beta game. Recently, many players are getting a ‘VOIP Channel Join Failed’ Error. VOIP stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol”. This feature allows voice communications for programs and games over the internet. This is a very crucial part of the game and when it malfunctions, you will realize what type of mess you are in. That means, without VOIP, you’re deaf and mute to teammates. The main reason for this error to happen is still unknown. But, the fix for this issue is very simple and easy. Read on to find out how to fix New World ‘VOIP Channel Join Failed’ Error. 

How to Fix New World ‘VOIP Channel Join Failed’ Error

As we have mentioned, the fix is very simple. Here are some easy steps to fix New World ‘VOIP Channel Join Failed’ Error.

1. Go to the in-game settings

2. Then, navigate to the ‘Communications’ section

3. And disable voice chat

This way, the game will not consider that you attempting to join a voice channel and so, no such error message will pop up.  

In Amazon’s New World Closed Beta version, the in-game voice feature is an essential part and Amazon is already working on it to solve this technical issue.

That’s how simply you can fix New World ‘VOIP Channel Join Failed’ error.

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