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Fix New World Stuck on ‘Searching for Worlds’

Fix New World Stuck on 'Searching for Worlds'

New World is the latest addition to the MMO PC games by Amazon Games and millions of players are flooding into the servers to enjoy this incredible game. When such a massive game release, many times it causes several issues related to connection and servers for several players. Recently, many players are reporting that they get an error – “Searching for Worlds” when they attempt to connect to the servers. After this message, they get ‘Connection Error’ after a few minutes. And because of this error, many players are stuck and they can’t play the game. If you are experiencing the same error, go through the following guide on How to Fix New World Stuck on ‘Searching for Worlds’.

Fix New World Stuck on ‘Searching for Worlds’

New World Stuck on ‘Searching for Worlds’ is a common problem for new launches and luckily, it has a few very simple and easy solutions. Let’s find out how to fix New World Stuck on ‘Searching for Worlds’.

Logout and Login Again

The solution is to simply Log Out and Log In again. For this: you need to press the Power button which you will find on the top right side of your screen and then select ‘Yes’ and close the game. Once done, attempt to relaunch the game and the issue should be fixed. 

Change the Region

If the above solution doesn’t work, the next simple thing you need to do is to change the region that your game is connected to. For instance, if you’re in the UK and if you have the Asian region selected, then try to change it to US West or US East. 

If nothing works, then the main servers must be down and so, wait until their services resume. 

That’s all for this guide on How to Fix New World Stuck on ‘Searching for Worlds’.

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