Fix MTG Arena Authentication Failed Unable to Login

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

MTG Arena is one of the best free-to-play card games which is released recently. However, this game is going through some major technical issues and so players are annoyed. One of the recent issues players are facing is that they are unable to log in and authentication failed. Mostly, this issue occurs when the main servers are down for some maintenance or an update and it resolves automatically once the server is up. However, if it takes more time than expected then the issue may be from your side. Check out the below guide to know how to fix MTG Arena Authentication Failed Unable to log in.   

How to Fix MTG Arena Authentication Failed Unable to Login

As we have mentioned that these issues occur mostly when the servers are down and so you only need to wait for sometimes and it will be resolved automatically. In case, it takes several hours or days to resolve, here are some workarounds you should try:

  • One of the first things you should do is to restart your computer system or mobile phone and then try again to login to MTG Arena In case there are some issues in your internet connection, you should try to reboot your modem and router and then try to play the game
  • Sometimes, the game may get blocked by a firewall (only if a problem occurs on a PC). In this case, disable the firewall for this game and then try to get into the game
  • Also, if it is possible, try to play MTG Arena on some other device. If you are playing on PC, then try to play on your mobile phone and vice versa
  • At last, uninstall the game completely and then reinstall it. This way, all the corrupted or missing files will be repaired and you won’t get such errors while playing the game.

If nothing works, then we suggest contacting to Wizard of the Coast Technical Team and Submit a Request.

Mostly, the authentication failed error is because of the MTG Arena servers so nothing to worry about and it will be resolved automatically once the servers are back on track.

That’s how you can Fix MTG Arena Authentication Failed Unable to Login.

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    • As mentioned in the post, the reason you are seeing the error is most likely due to the servers and you are not alone, hundreds of other people have been having the same problem.

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