Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lag, FPS Drops and Stuttering

Finally, players can now enjoy Mass Effect Legendary Edition and once again experience the story of this epic trilogy. The very first reactions are superb and players are enjoying this game to the fullest. However, players are facing Lag, FPS Drops, and Stuttering issues which is quite disappointing. Do you have the same issue? Then the following guide will be helpful.

How to Fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lag, FPS Drops, and Stuttering

Following are some of the best solutions to fix Lag, FPS Drops, and Stuttering issues in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

CPU Settings

1. Run the game Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

2. Open Task Manager or press ‘CTRL+SHIFT+ESC’.

3. Click on the More details view.

4. Click on the ‘Details’ tab.

5. Now, right-click on the ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition.exe’

6. And set its priority to ‘High’.

Use Full-Screen Mode

Many of games perform well when it is tuned to the borderless windowed modes. It is because games and apps running in the full-screen mode have full control over the screen output. So, just play your game on the full-screen mode as it helps to enhance the performance.

AMD Graphics Card Settings

If your system has an AMD Graphics Card, follow these instructions.

1. Right-click on any blank part of the Desktop and open up the AMD Radeon Settings Control Panel.

2. Now, select the Global Graphics option.

3. Next, turn off all the proprietary post-processing options enabled by AMD by default including Radeon Boost, Radeon Chill, and Radeon Anti-lag.

4. Turn off wait for Vertical Refresh also.

5. Disable all these settings: OpenGL Triple Buffering, Frame Rate Target Control, Image Sharpening, Maximum Tessellation Level, and Anisotropic Filtering.

6. Next, turn on Surface Format Optimization.

7. For the GPU Workload setting, select Graphics Mode for the best performance.

8. Select Performance Mode under the Texture Filtering Quality option.

9. And at the last, set both Tessellation and Shader Cache to AMD Optimized mode. These options will give the most optimal experience in this game.

That’s it for this guide on how to fix Mass Effect Legendary Edition Lag, FPS Drops, and Stuttering issues.

BioWare is already working to fix this issue and hopefully, this problem will get solved in its upcoming patch. Meanwhile, you can enjoy this game by going through the above-mentioned solutions.

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