Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crashing at Startup, Won’t Start, and Not launching

 Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crashing at Startup, Won’t Start, and Not launching

Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated game for fans of the Harry Potter series, but some players have been experiencing issues with the game crashing at startup, not launching, or getting stuck at the loading screen. These issues can be frustrating and make it difficult to play the game, but there are a few things you can try to fix them. 

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One of the most common issues players have reported is Hogwarts Legacy crashing at startup. This means the game will not even begin to load and will simply crash and close before the player can enter. Players have reported this issue on multiple platforms like Reddit, Twitter, etc. In this guide, we have listed all the possible solutions to fix the issue.

How to Fix Hogwarts Legacy Crashing or stuck problem

If you’re experiencing crashing, stuck on a black screen & another issue in Hogwarts Legacy, then there are a few methods through which you can fix this issue. These methods are as follows:

Restart your PC and launch the game

If you just installed the Hogwarts Legacy and have not restarted the PC, it’s worth a shot to do it now. Most of the time, startup errors like Hogwarts Legacy not launching is fixed by a simple reboot of the computer and the game.

Check System Requirements

If you’re getting stuck at the loading screen, it could be caused by a problem with your computer’s hardware. Make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game, and check to see if there are any updates available for your operating system. Sometimes, a simple update can fix the issue.

Disable your GPU overclock

Overclocking your GPU can cause the game to crash, so disabling the overclock may resolve the issue.

Disable Ray-Tracing

Ray-Tracing is a feature that enhances the graphics quality by making the shadows and reflections more realistic. However, this feature can also cause the game to crash, especially if your computer system does not meet the recommended requirements. By disabling Ray-Tracing, you can resolve the issue.

Turn down your graphical settings

The crashing issue can also be resolved by reducing the graphics settings in the game. You can do this by going to the game’s options menu and lowering the graphics quality. This will reduce the strain on your computer system and prevent the game from crashing.

Some users I got it solved by running after multiple launches and running as administrator from Hogwarts Legacy/Phoenix/Binaries/Win64/HogwartsLegacy.exe. To run the game as an administrator, right-click on the game icon and select “Run as administrator.” This will give the game elevated privileges, which may resolve the crashing issue.

Increase paging file size in Windows settings

The paging file is a portion of your hard drive that acts as virtual memory. If the paging file size is too small, it can cause the game to crash. To increase the paging file size, go to the Windows settings, click on “System,” and select “Storage.” From there, you can adjust the size of the paging file.

Ensure that the CPU Supports AVX and AVX2

AVX instruction sets have become a mandate for running modern games. All of the new CPUs come with these instruction sets, but if you happen to be rocking an older CPU it’s possible it does not have the AVX instruction set and that’s way the game is not launching. If that’s the case, you have no choice but to replace the CPU.

Update Graphic Card Drivers (Perform a Clean Install)

Another cause of crashing at startup or not launching is a problem with your graphics card drivers. If your graphics card drivers are out of date or not compatible with the game, it can cause the game to crash or not launch. To fix this, ensure you have installed the latest graphics card drivers. You can usually find the latest drivers on the manufacturer’s website.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

You should try this obvious fix if your drivers are updated and you meet the specifications to run the game. More often than not, while downloading the game, some files can get corrupted or go missing, preventing the game from launching. All of the launchers provide you with the option to verify integrity of game files. So, go ahead and do that.

Clear Cache

Additionally, you can try clearing the game’s cache. To do this, go to the game’s settings and select the option to clear the cache. This will remove any temporary files that may be causing the game to get stuck at the loading screen.

Run in Compatibility Mode

If none of the above solutions work, try running the game in compatibility mode. To do this, right-click on the game’s shortcut and select “Properties.” Then, go to the “Compatibility” tab and check the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for.” Select the operating system that the game was designed for and click “Apply.”

Check Router/Modem

If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, try restarting your router or modem. If that doesn’t work, try connecting to a different network or resetting your internet settings.

Run as Administrator (Not for Epic Games Users)

Another solution is to run the game as an administrator. Right-click on the game’s shortcut and select “Run as administrator.” This will give the game the necessary permissions to run correctly.

Lastly, it may also be possible that your computer’s hardware is incompatible with the game. Check if your computer meets the recommended system requirements for the game, and if it does not, consider upgrading it.

Disable your Antivirus Temporarily

Antivirus software often mistakes the game files for malicious software. It does not happen with all players, but it can be the case with you. Hogwarts Legacy coming from Steam, Epic Game, or GOG, is trustable, and you can disable the antivirus to troubleshoot the issue. If the game works after disabling the antivirus, we have a good guide on setting an exception on your antivirus. The post has steps for all antivirus. After settings an exception, you can run the game without disabling the antivirus.

Sometimes, you may have to uninstall the antivirus entirely for the game to work. We will update this post when we find that doing so helps run the game.

Delete the Save Game File

A corruption of the save game file can also prevent the game from launching. If you delete the save game file, Hogwarts Legacy crashing issue may stop. Make note deleting the saved file will result in the loss of all data. To prevent that, back up the saved file before deleting it.

Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Install the latest Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022. While installing, ensure you download and install both the X86 and X64 versions. A corruption or an issue with the Visual Studio will most definitely prevent Hogwarts Legacy from starting.

Install Media Feature Pack

This fix is unnecessary for most users running the standard versions of Windows 10 and 11; however, if you are rocking the N version of Windows, you need to install the Media Feature Pack. Go to the link and, identify your version of Windows, and download and install the media feature pack. Right-click on My PC and go to Properties; in the new Window, you will find the version of Windows you are running.

Reinstall The Game

One of the most common causes of crashing at startup or not launching is a problem with the game’s files. If the game files are corrupted or damaged, it can cause the game to crash or not launch at all. To fix this, try reinstalling the game. This will replace any damaged or corrupted files with fresh copies.

With these solutions, you should be able to get back to playing Hogwarts Legacy in no time. 

Still, if you’re having this issue then try to contact customer service, and then will guide you more efficiently.

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