Fix Hearthstone Can’t Challenge Friend

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Hearthstone is an incredibly simple yet fun-filled game from Blizzard Entertainment. This game has several modes and challenges including Friendly Challenge in which players can fight against other players on their friend’s list called ‘Duels’. This mode allows friends to challenge each other. However, recently players are experiencing an issue with this mode and many players are reporting that they can’t challenge friends. Players are complaining that their ‘Play’ button remains grey only even both of the players are on the main menu. Are you suffering from the same issue, let’s find out how to Fix Hearthstone Can’t Challenge Friend?

How to Fix Hearthstone Can’t Challenge Friend?

If you are not able to challenge a friend in Hearthstone, make sure to check the following solutions.

– While challenging your friend, both of you must be in the same region, as well as, both of you must have the same version of the game.

– It is recommended to update your game with the latest version. Close the game, check for any new update, update it if any, and then again logging in to the game with the correct region.

– Also, make sure you both are on the same main menu. If any one of you is not on the main menu, you can’t challenge each other.

That’s it – As of now, these are the only workarounds players can do to fix Hearthstone Can’t Challenge Friend. The same issue occurred 2 years back and it seems that the devs have yet not found any permanent solution for this problem. Hopefully, they will acknowledge the same and release a new patch so that the players can challenge their friends to enjoy Hearthstone effortlessly.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure the above points and then try to challenge your friend.

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