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Fix God of War Ragnarok Stuck in Yggdrasil – Old Friends Quest Bug

Fix God of War Ragnarok Stuck in Yggdrasil - Old Friends Quest Bug

God of War Ragnarok is the latest game by Santa Monica Studio. While playing the game, often you’ll come across unique items or resources that will help you improve the overall gaming experience. Yggdrasil is one of the valuable pieces of equipment you need to unlock while progressing in the game. But unfortunately, some gamers are running into an annoying issue where they are stuck in Yggdrasil. The matter is, the Old Friends quest contains a door (Mystic Gateway) for the exit but due to a bug, it doesn’t appear, so players are unable to complete the quest. If you are in the same situation, check out this guide and learn how you can fix it.

How to Fix God of War Ragnarok Stuck in Yggdrasil – Old Friends Quest Bug

According to multiple reports, loading a save file or getting back to the earlier checkpoint doesn’t fix the issue, and players are wondering how to get out of the Yggdrasil Old Friends quest, as most of the gamers are getting stuck in the World Tree. Here we show you some potential solutions to fix this issue.

1. Relaunch the game and console multiple times, and eventually, the bug should be fixed.

2. Next method to resolve the issue is to load saves, and starting the game again from Checkpoint will help. However, some players are still stuck even after trying this method. 

3. One player said on Reddit that he let the game run inside the World Tree and slept for about 6 hours, and when he woke up, the door was spawned. So, wait for several hours where you are stuck and then check; the door should be spawned in the Old Friends quest.

4. If none of these solutions work, try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it.

Sadly, these are not guaranteed workarounds, but many players have tried and fixed this issue using these methods, so give it a try.

 Since many players are running into this problem, Santa Monica Studio will indeed find the hotfix for this bug as early as possible. Meanwhile, you can try the tactics mentioned above to get rid of stuck in Yggdrasil – Old Friends quest bug in God of War Ragnarok. Or it is recommended to stay safe in your fast travels through Yggdrasil.

 So far, these are the only solutions you can try to fix God of War Ragnarok stuck in Yggdrasil – Old Friends quest bug.

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  1. I tried everything above except reinstalling the game, I tried several times without success. Then I decided that when I open the door, I don’t move a muscle. When the dialog was finished, the door appeared right in front of me.me.

    1. Thanks, that worked for me after a few minutes of waiting it appeared

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