Fix FIFA 22 Web App Not Working

Fix FIFA 22 Web App Not Working

The FIFA 22 Web App is an online app that lets fans make changes to their UT club in lieu of their PlayStation or Xbox console. By using this Web App, players can buy packs from the store, manage their squads, and also inspect the transfer market. However, recently players are experiencing that the FIFA 22 Web App is not working. In the following guide, we will try to fix this issue.

How to Fix FIFA 22 Web App Not Working

If FIFA 22 Web App is not working, you should first know that the FUT 22 app is only for those fans who have purchased its full version. If you are a Trial user, it will not work for you. If you have already purchased its complete version and still the web app is not working, then you can try following some workarounds to fix this issue.

1. First of all, do check the current status of this issue on EA’s official Twitter handle. Usually, they update in case the issue is widespread. You can check EA’s Official Twitter handle here.

2. Another thing you can do is to make sure that your internet connection is stable and working fine

3. Keep refreshing your page and eventually, it should start working fine

4. In case the devs server is down due to outage or under maintenance, you can’t access the web app. So, wait for sometimes and the issue will be resolved automatically

5. The last resort is to report to EA Support team and they will help you to fix this issue

That’s everything you need to know to Fix FIFA 22 Web App Not Working.

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