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Fix COD Mobile crashing on Android and iOS

Fix COD Mobile crashing on Android and iOS

One of the massive gaming apps that adorned 2021 is the free-to-play thrilling Call of Duty: Mobile. However, like all other online games, COD mobile also encounters several issues. One of the recent issues faced by several players around the world is Crashing. There are several reasons for this problem to occur. If your COD mobile game is also crashing on your smartphone device, check out the following several troubleshooting steps to fix COD Mobile Crashing on Android and iOS.

How to Fix COD crashing issues on Android and iOS

Here in the following, we have gathered all the possible solutions to fix COD Mobile Crashing issues on Android and iOS.

1. Reboot your device

One of the first and easy things you should try is to reboot your smartphone or tablet. This will fix most app problems. You only need to press and hold down the Power button and then select the Restart option.

2. Update the COD app

If your game app is not updated, it can create some issues. So, it is important to update your COD game. To do this:

– Open up the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android)

– Search for COD: Mobile and check if any update is there

– If it has any new updates, you will see an ‘Update’ button. Just press on it and your game app will be updated

3. Update your Smartphone or Tablet

If your device’s software is old and not updated, it can cause such issues. So, to do this:

– Open up the ‘Settings’ on your smartphone or tablet.

– Depending on the device – Open Software update or System update.

– Look for the new updates if any and install new updates if it is available.

4. Clear up a cache of the app

Every now and then, an app doesn’t respond properly and it crashes because the cache is outdated or corrupted. So, ensure to clear up the app’s cache and try to play the game again.

That’s how you can fix COD Mobile Crashing issues on Android and iOS.

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