Fix Bless Unleashed D3D Device Lost

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Bless Unleashed is one of the spectacular fantasy genre MMORPG games. There are thousands of fans of this game around the world. However, nowadays players are not happy with the devs as they are getting fatal errors like D3D Device Lost. This error is related to the GPU. D3D Device Lost error occurs due to older or overclocked GPU as the older GPUs don’t support the new Windows 10 DirectX. However, some players are also getting the same error even though they have newer GPUs. That clearly means that your system features an outdated DirectX version or it has some graphic card-related issues. Let’s find out How to Fix Bless Unleashed D3D Device Lost error.

How to Fix Bless Unleashed D3D Device Lost

Here are several possible solutions you can try to fix Bless Unleashed D3D Device Lost.

1. Update or Install the Graphics Card Driver

  • Many times, such an error occurs due to some corrupted, missing, or outdated graphics card driver. So first of all, update your graphics card driver in Windows 10. For this. Click on the Start button > Type Device Manager and then from the list, go to the ‘Display adapters. and expand its list. And then select ‘Update Driver’.
  • Then go to the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’. If you can’t find any driver there, then go to the official website of the graphic card’s manufacturer and install it.
  • After updating the drivers, if you are getting the same issue, then try to install the driver. For this, same as previous steps – open up ‘Device Manager’ and right-click on the graphics card’s name > Select Uninstall > Restart your computer. 

 2. Install the latest DirectX version 

  • Click on Win + R key and open up the Run dialogue box. Type ‘dxdiag’ and click on ‘Ok’. It will open up the DirectX Diagnosis Tool. On its System tab, check the version of DirectX installed. Go to the ‘Display’ tab and check the ‘Feature Levels’ as it must be at least 10.0 installed to run Bless Unleashed without any issues.

3. Update the Game and Windows

  • Bless Unleashed releases new patches and updates frequently. So, do not forget to keep the game updated always. In order to check any new update, visit that site from where you have downloaded the game and get it downloaded.
  • Also, make sure to check any new updates for your Windows system. If you find it any latest, download and install it.

After applying any of these settings, make sure to restart your computer. And then try again, you will see that Bless Unleashed D3D Device Lost error is fixed.

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