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Fix Battlefield 2042: There Is a Problem with Your Game’s Setup Error

Fix Battlefield 2042 There Is A Problem With Your Game's Setup Error

Battlefield 2042 Beta is finally released and many players have already started enjoying this game. However, on the other hand, many players are not happy with this beta version as it has several issues and bugs that prevent players from enjoying this much-awaited FPS multiplayer game. Many players are experiencing an error that says – “there is a problem with your game’s setup error’. This error occurs while launching Battlefield 2042. Luckily, there are a few fixes which we are going to discuss in the following.

How to Fix Battlefield 2042: There Is a Problem with Your Game’s Setup Error

Players are reporting on Reddit and other forums that this error comes while launching the game. And they have already reinstalled the game and also verified the game’s data but this error message doesn’t go away. Luckily, there are some other possible fixes. Let’s check out.

1. Download Visual C++ Files from Microsoft Website

Click on the following link and download and install both .exe files for x86 and x64 on your system. Once both the files are installed, click on ‘Restart’ and then try to launch the game. If you’re facing the same issue, then move on to the next solution.

2. Install DirectX

Go to C drive >> Windows >> System 32 >> Find “d3dcompiler_43.dll” (Copy this file and save it on some other location on your system for backup). In case, your system doesn’t have this file, then do not worry, you can skip this step. Next, click on the following link.

And then click on Download and run the .exe file >> Follow on-screen instructions and download it. And then launch the game.

3. Download Apex Legends, Run the Game and Close It 

This solution might be weird for you but it worked for many players so it can work for you too. Open up Steam library >> Download Apex Legend game >> Run it >> Close it and then run Battlefield 2042 game and it will work without any issues.

4. Update Windows

Always make sure you have updated Windows with the latest version. To check for any new updates, go to Settings >> Update and Security >> Click on “Check for updates”. Once updated, restart your system and try to launch the game.

That’s it for this guide on How to Fix Battlefield 2042: There Is a Problem with Your Game’s Setup Error. Any of these solutions will surely work.

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