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Fix Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ Error

Fix Back 4 Blood 'Disconnected from Server' Error

The close beta early access of Back 4 Blood is released recently and the game server is already flooded with excited players as everyone wants to try to play this game. However, as expected, since it is early beta access, it brings several bugs and glitches. Many players are experiencing an error that says – ‘Disconnected from server’. Many players have also reported that they’re getting kicked off from the game when they try to play the Back 4 Blood beta and that occurs in all modes (Versus, Quick Play, Campaign). If you’re experiencing Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ issues, go through the following possible solutions to fix the Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ error.

Fix Back 4 Blood 'Disconnected from Server' Error

Fix Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ Error

One of the most common causes of the Back 4 Blood Disconnected from the server error is a problem with your connection and high ping. The other possible cause is an issue with the server. However, some system and game config can also result in the error. Here are some solutions we suggest.

Move the game to Primary drive

For some reason when the EAC, the anti-cheat of the game is not placed in the same drive as the OS, server disconnects occur. hence, the fix is simple, move the game to the primary drive. For most users, it would be the C drive.

Disable Crossplay

Crossplay is a feature that should allow better matchmaking, but it can also create problems on the server end and lead to server disconnects. Hence, if you are getting the error too often, we suggest that you try to play the game after disabling crossplay.

When Prompted Provide Permission to EAC

While playing the game we did not encounter a situation where the EAC asked for explicit permission, but some users have reported that EAC asks for permission and when rejected it leads to the Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ Error. Basically, when launching the game always click on yes when asked for permissions.

Reinstall the Game

Here we have given a step-by-step guide to fix the Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ error.

1. First of all, you will need to uninstall the game and once done, reboot your computer.

2. After restarting, open up Steam and go to the Back 4 Blood Beta page.

3. From this page, re-install the game.

4. Here you will need to select a location to install. Make sure to enter the proper and correct location where this installation will take place.

5. Once selected the path, then you may proceed to install this game.

6. Once installed, restart your computer system once again.

7. When the PC is restarted, open up the game again.

8. If you will all of these steps carefully and correctly, you have almost solved the Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ Error.

After going through this process, if the problem persists, make sure your internet connection is proper and stable.

And in case, nothing works and still you are facing the same issue, then the only option left is to wait for the updates from the devs. They would release the new update with the permanent fix. Many players are frustrated with this issue as they can’t play this game and so hopefully, we will have good news from the dev team.

That’s how you can fix the Back 4 Blood ‘Disconnected from Server’ Error.

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