Fix Atomic Heart FOV – How to Adjust Atomic Heart FOV

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Today, most AAA games offer a FOV (Field of View) slider. With the FOV feature, players can see more of what is in front and sides of the character. However, many gamers have noticed that the Atomic Heart doesn’t have a FOV slider. Although the game features the best FOV option still some players want to play the game with a wider view but players are unable to change it which makes them frustrated. Well, if you want to use FOV in Atomic Heart, here we show you a method to fix Atomic Heart FOV and adjust Atomic Heart FOV.

Is It Possible to Fix Atomic Heart FOV – How to Adjust Atomic Heart FOV

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart doesn’t allow players to change their default FOV settings. You cannot do that officially as the feature is not available in-game. But thankfully, you can use a third-party client “Flawless Widescreen” to adjust atomic heart FOV. Here we show you how you can fix Atomic Heart FOV.

1. First of all, go to the official website of Flawless Widescreen.

2. Scroll down to the Windows installs. You will need to install x64 Installer Package

3. Next, run the setup and check the drop-down menu on your left side

4. Then, select Atomic Heart under the FWS Plugins section

5. Once done, launch the game 

6. When you are in the game, you need to press the alt-tab and start changing the value “In-Game FOV – Fine Adjustment” and you will be able to set the value from 0 to 40%.

It is worth mentioning that this tool will only work when you keep the Flawless Widescreen program open. Therefore, you need to launch it while playing or before launching the game.  

That’s it for this guide on how to fix Atomic Heart FOV – how to adjust Atomic Heart FOV.

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