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Fix Apex Legends Season 15 No Animated Badge Reward Bug

Fix Apex Legends Season 15 No Animated Badge Reward Bug

Apex Legends’ new Season 15 is out now. It has added a horde of new updates, a new defensive Legend called Catalyst, and a brand-new map Broken Moon. Apex Legends is undeniably one of the most played battle royal games of all time. Although this is an incredibly strong game, some gamers encounter various issues and glitches every now and then such as stuck on patching files error or crash issues.

Adding to these issues, many players have noticed and reported on Reddit and various other forums that their ranked rewards such as animated badges don’t work properly. Thankfully, there are a few solutions available and you will be able to view all the animated badges correctly after applying these methods. 

Fixing Apex Legends Season 15 No Animated Badge Reward Bug

No animated badge reward bug also triggered in the previous seasons of Apex Legends so it is not a new bug. This issue happens due to a minor bug that prevents many players from seeing the animation on their ranked badges. Well, this issue can be resolved with some simple and quick troubleshooting steps. Let’s learn in this guide, how you can fix Apex Legends Season 15 no animated badge reward bug.

1. As soon as you obtain a season badge, it is recommended to relaunch your game and your badge will start animating. If that doesn’t work, do this:

– Open up the menu in Apex Legends

– Click on any of the legends with the non-animated badge

– Go to Badges and then unequip it

– Next, equip it again

– Once done, relaunch your game and the issue should be resolved now

2. Several gamers have confirmed that this bug with no animation badge has gone after restarting their system and game. So, if the above method doesn’t work, simply restart your gaming device (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) and you will see your animated badges. 

Hopefully, one of these methods should work to resolve the no-animated badge reward bug in Apex Legends Season 15.

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