Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs

Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs

Far Cry 6 features incredible and adventurous gameplay. The developer of this game, Ubisoft, always takes care of some fun stuff in its every cry series. In FC6, there are several Easter Eggs that show certain secret messages or unlocks in the game that makes the game more interesting. Now, if you’re wondering what are Easter Eggs in Far Cry 6? Well, if you don’t know about them, Easter Eggs are the secrets and hidden stuff which are not shown directly in the game as they’re hidden and you will need to explore it. Here we are going to list Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs.

The Details of Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs

Far Cry 6 has several Easter Eggs. Since you may miss many of them during your journey, here we provide the locations of all Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs.

Atari 2600

In the FC 6’s Side Arm segment, go to the Appearance section to check the skin for your Wood Panel weapon. This is a direct reference to the 1970s gaming console Attari. However, it is not just the Wooden skin, it is the Tv Type and Power options that confirm one of the Easter Eggs.

Golden Apple

On the Northside of the Costa Del Mar, in the Pino Crest location, you will get an underground bunker where you will find a note. “Crate Marked Electrum” and “Golden Apple Artifact” are written on the note which is well-defined to the Game Starlink and Apples of Eden from Assassin’s Creed.  

Jawson Trophy

Once you kill a shark using a grenade, you can unlock Jawson Trophy. Also, this is the reference to the ‘80s class movie “Jaws”.

Developers’ Shoutout

Go to the Maria Marquessa Productions at Balaceras. There you will see a pink trailer with a note kept on the desk that offers a shout-out to all developers.

Far Cry 6 Chemical Formula

When you’re searching Henrique in the warehouse, you will notice an “FC6+” which is the part of the benzene ring with certain chain plans on a whiteboard.

Jurassic Park

This Easter Egg you will find at Balacera – Cienaga Nublada National Park on your map. You will need to interact with a character called “Lola”. She will give you certain Special Operations that you will need to complete in special locations. And one of the locations is Mesozoico which is the direct reference to Jurassic Park.

Allan Quatermain

In the Concepcion town, you will need to search for “The Emerald Skull” which is the direct reference of Allan Quatermain who is the main Hero of H. Rider Haggard’s ’85 novel King Solomon’s Mines.

A Woman on Fire

Go to the Tranquila beach and find a woman there using her BBQ and she burns on fire in an accident at the time of applying oil on the grill.

End Credits

If you have explored the entire adventure in FC 6 and when you reach the End Credits, you will hear 2 characters having a conversation. And one of them is Montenegro or a smuggler already dead, as indicated in the dialogues.

Family Members of Ubisoft Developers

In the Swamp location of Balaceras National Park, you will see a board on which the list of all family members is mentioned. These are the names of the devs’ team family members.

Willis Huntley

Willis Huntley is one of the agents in this game since its previous release Far Cry 3. In the workshop of Juan, at Zamok Archipelago, you will find a name tag of Willis Huntley in the box on the desk beside the Yara map.

Honorable Mentions

When you are on the Cash Money Treasure Hunt, in Aguas Lindas, you will find a bunker where a note is kept on the desk close to a few documents and books. On this note, it has the names of certain weapons from Assassin’s Creed such as Ancient Concealed Blades and Ancient Spear.

That’s everything you need to know about Far Cry 6 Easter Eggs.

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