Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – How to Get Attribute Points

In the game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, there are many different types of resources you need to collect. One of the important resources is ‘Attribute Points’. There is a total of 6 Attribute Points in Dark Alliance and each of the Attribute offers unique gains which will help you tailor the game to your ideal play style. Let us learn how to get Attribute Points in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

How to Get Attribute Points in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

As we have just mentioned, the following are 6 Attribute Points.

1. STR (Strength) – This increases your overall damage output and provides you an armor buff.

2. DEX (Dexterity) – This also increases your overall damage output along with critical attacks.

3. CON (Constitution) – This boosts your overall stamina and increases HP

4. INT (Intelligence) – It reduces your abilities cooldown time and increasing your elemental damage.

5. WIS (Wisdom) – It increases your elemental resistance and condition damage.

6. CHA (Charisma) – It increases the charge rate of your ultimate ability.

There are two methods to earn these Attribute Points:

Method 1: By leveling up

When you start progressing the game, every level throughout the game will give you an Attribute Point. That can be used whenever you need it. To use it, you need to go to the character menu and pick any of the Attributes you want to raise and then confirm the action – And that’s it.

Method 2: By finding shrine-like structures

The second method to earn Attribute Points is to find shrine-like structures in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance. Every stage contains 1 shrine in it and you will get it by exploring the areas.

It is important to search around when you’re on your mission as you won’t get on your main path. In addition, you will also get some by completing challenges and puzzles. You will get these additional points at the end of that particular stage.

If you can do both of these methods together during a stage, you will be able to earn 2 Attribute Points at a time. So, the best is to find all the shrines in every single stage and the build of your character will be enhanced.

That’s everything you need to know How to get Attribute Points in Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance.

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