Dead Island 2: GOAT Pen Master Keys Location

Shubham Chaurasia
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One of the things you will do in Dead Island 2 is to explore the city of Los Angeles and loot various houses and shops for items and blueprints. However, some of these places are locked and you will need to find the keys to access them. The keys might be on the zombified owners of the places or hidden somewhere nearby. One of the places you will want to enter is the GOAT Pen house, which belongs to a Beverly Hills influencer. This guide will tell you how to find the key to the GOAT Pen house in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2: GOAT Pen Master Keys Location

In order to get the GOAT Pen master keys, players need to follow these steps very closely:

  1. Players need to start and almost complete the Creature Comforts Side quest 
  2. After that quest, players can even find the GOAT Pen master keys 
  3. During the quest, Curtis will send you to the GOAT Pen for wine 
  4. Now the key for GOAT Pen is RNG and players need to kill either a Zombies downstairs or find the key simply from the bedroom 
  5. But in order to get inside the master Bedroom, players need to do these things: 
  • Go to the roof and then towards the East end of the house 
  • After that, look down towards the glass railing and players will see the bedroom 
  • Simply break the glass railing after going to the balcony 
  • The key should be on the bedside table 
  1. Simply get the key and put it in the inventory

Now that the key has been retrieved simply follow the quest markers and complete the quest by getting some wine for Curtis. 

That’s all you need to know about Dead Island 2: GOAT Pen Master Keys Location. If you find this guide helpful, you can check our website for more such guides and news on Dead Island 2 and various other games.

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