CoD: Vanguard – How Ghost Perk Works in Champion Hill Alpha

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

CoD: Vanguard open beta Alpha is out now and the final version will launch on 5th November 2021. Vanguard is going to be the most advanced CoD experience ever with cross-play, cross-generation support, cross-progression, and of course Warzone integration. Since the details of this game are coming out, players seem very curious about every detail of this most exciting game. One of the things players are keen to know is about Ghost Perk and how does it work in Champion Hill Alpha. Below is the complete guide.

How Ghost Perk Works in Champion Hill Alpha: COD Vanguard

Ghost Perk has always been an extremely great perk in CoD titles. This Perk will work in the same way it does in the Black Ops game. However, it has a bit of difference. Here, players will need to keep moving to stay behind from Field Mics, Enemy Intel, and Spy Planes. In short, the main role of the Ghost Perk is to keep you hidden when you move across the map.

You can buy these Ghost Perks in between the game if you have sufficient funds for that.

Including Ghost, there will be a total of 6 perks which you can buy in every match. These perks provide a unique style of play that will assist you and your squad to become the champ. These 6 perks are:

1. Ghost

2. Survival Training

3. Tracker

4. High Alert

5. Demolition

6. Double Time

We will surely update you with more details about the other perks in CoD: Vanguard and how they work in this game. Keep on checking our website for the latest updates and guides.

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