Clean Up! Roblox Codes for March 2023

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

Roblox, Clean Up! puts you in charge of determining Roblox’s style. Clean up the mess by deciding who remains and who leaves by murdering or rescuing prominent YouTubers, Roblox players, and others. Earn points to buy new weapons and equipment to help with the cleaning.

Check out Clean Up Roblox if you’ve ever wanted to go behind the scenes in Roblox! In this title, you get to choose who remains and who departs. This is the Clean Up Roblox style! It’s up to you; just be cautious who you kick to the curb.

Keep an eye out for codes in Clean Up Roblox! since they will grant you various points, goods, and more. They also have expiration dates, so utilise them before they expire. We’ve prepared a list of access codes for Clean Up Roblox! so you can earn gems and more.

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Clean Up! Roblox Codes List

Here are all the codes for Clean Up! Roblox game

Active Codes

NEWYEARS2023Redeem code for 2.3k Points and + 23 Playtime
2KNPCSRedeem code for 1,100 HyperBucks and 62 Playtime
14MVISITS Redeem code for 14k Points and 300 Playtime
VALENTINES2023Redeem code for 500 HyperBucks and 50+ Playtime (New)
CURFORLIFEUse this code for over 10k Points and Playtime
COMMUNICATIONSUse this code for 4k Points and Playtime
WrenchTapUse this code for Free Points
TrophiesWasHereUse this code for 5k Points and Playtime
HYPERLASERUse this code for 1k Points
STYLESUse this code for +40 Playtime

Expired Codes

NEWMAPFree Points
MajorUpdateSoonFree reward

How to Redeem Codes in Clean Up! Roblox?

Clean Up Roblox! codes are handy for fast obtaining resources and prizes. Here’s how to use Clean Up Roblox codes:

  • On the top-left side of the screen, click the @ icon.
  • Choose the Codes option.
  • Enter the code.
  • Press the Redeem button.

So these were all the codes in Clean Up! Roblox. Use these codes in the game as soon as possible before they expire. Keep an eye on our Roblox guide area for updated Roblox codes for all games.

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