Chivalry 2 – How to Play with Friends

If fastening some plate armour, grabbing a massive sword, and slashing your enemies to bloody little pieces sounds like great fun, then you should not miss playing Chivalry 2. This ongoing open beta multiplayer first-person fighting game offers a lot of things. You can select from an arsenal of weaponry from the era to fight across several levels. Undoubtedly, it’s great fun to play alone, but the fun will be multiplied when you play it with your friends as you can work together to achieve targets and defeat the opposing team. Luckily, playing this game with your friends is easy. Let’s find out here how to play multiplayer in Chivalry 2.

How to Play Multiplayer in Chivalry 2 | Invite Friends and Join Party

In order to invite your friends and join the party in Chivalry 2, follow these instructions.

1. Look at the bottom left side of the corner of your screen and find the ‘Invite Party Member’ option. Click/press on this button.

2. When you hit it, you will see a complete list of your friends who are online and playing Chivalry 2 currently.

3. Click on their names and send an invitation. 

In case, you want to add your new friends, you need to follow the below steps in the ‘Epic Games Store’.

1. Open up the Epic Games Launcher and select the Friends tab on the left.

2. Now, select the Add Friend icon which has a ‘+’ sign beside it.

3. Here enter the email address or EGS display of your friend and then click on Send.

4. The request will be pending in the ‘Outgoing’ tab until it is accepted by your friend.

Important note: This ongoing open beta version features Crossplay but at present, it doesn’t have Crossplay lobbies to select and so you won’t be able to create parties with other players who are not playing on the same platform as you. However, the developer of this game Torn Banner Studios is planning to add it in the final launch.

That’s everything you need to know How to Play with Friends in Chivalry 2. 

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