Can You Fix Dead by Daylight DDoS Attack Issues

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

Dead by Daylight is an extremely competitive multiplayer horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive in 2016. However, for the last many years, this game has been suffering from DDoS attacks. If you have no idea about this, a DDoS attack is a cyber-attack on a game’s servers with a flood of traffic from multiple fake sources. Due to this issue, players are unable to join and/or unable to play the game.

Furthermore, some players report that because of the DDoS attack, they are kicked out of the matches and lose their game’s progress. Recently, many players have escalated this issue on multiple forums and asked developers to acknowledge this issue.

Many of them are also wondering if any method is there to fix the Dead by Daylight DDoS attack issue. If you are one of them, here is what you need to know.

Is There Any Method to Fix Dead by Daylight DDoS Attack Issues

As we have stated, the game has been experiencing DDoS attack issues for a very long time and now the situation has worsened. Let’s check if is there any method to fix the Dead by Daylight DDoS attack issue.

Unfortunately, players cannot fix this issue. Preventing DDoS attacks entirely is pretty difficult because it requires a significant amount of resources and expertise.

Thankfully, the developers have recently acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page.

As you can see, their team is investigating the reports and looking into every corner to ensure that their network packets are safe and secure. However, they have not provided ETA or any temporary solutions. 

It is also especially important to add here that the developers have acknowledged this matter in November 2021 also but the situation still remains the same and so it seems that even the developers could not find the permanent solution to this issue.

This time, Behaviour Interactive should take this matter seriously and they should release a patch soon and shield the game more powerfully and more defensively than before. So that players won’t encounter DDoS attack issues in the future.

That’s all we have about can you fix the Dead of Daylight DDoS attack issue?

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