Biomutant – Where are Screenshots and Photos Saved?

One of the best parts of Biomutant is that players can use a basic Photo Mode that helps to capture screenshots and stunning photos. However, many players couldn’t find where exactly it was saved on the PC. They do not know where and how to find it on the PC. So, we have come up with a quick guide on where are Screenshots and Photos saved in Biomutant?

Where are Screenshots and Photos Saved in Biomutant?

Since it is quite tricky to find out the exact location where Screenshots and Photos are saved, the following guide will be helpful to find them.

– If you’re taking Screenshots and Photos on your PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, or Xbox One, your images will be stored in the associated media folder. Those can be accessed through the home screen of your console.

– And if you are playing on your PC and using Steam, then you can find images by going through the Menu bar – Select ‘View’ and then select ‘Screenshots’ from the drop-down menu.

– If you are playing directly on your PC, you won’t be able to find out the location of the images, instead follow these steps:

1. Press the Windows key

2. Enter ‘Run’ and select the Run app

3. Enter: c:/users/your username/appdata/local/biomutant

4. Replace ‘your username’ with the username given by the game

5. Select ‘Saved’

6. Select ‘Screenshots’

Once you will go through this process, you can find the screenshots and photos on your PC. From this folder, you can share them wherever you want to.

In case, you do not want to go through such a long process to find out the screenshots and photos, you can simply use Steam’s default screenshot key, F12. It will take a photo and screenshot using Steam which you can then use in your library for the game.

That’s it for this guide on where are Screenshots and Photos Saved in Biomutant?

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