Biomutant – How to Level Up Fast

Biomutant - How to Level Up Fast

In the game of Biomutant, if you want to unlock new Wung Fu abilities or if you want better stats, it is important to Level Up Fast. And to Level Up fast, you need to earn an ample amount of XP. At the beginning of the game, you are quite squishy and weak but as you progress in the game through the world, you need to unite or conquer tribes and deal with several beats which will help you to Level Up. There are several ways to earn XP in Biomutant which will learn here.

How to Level Up Fast in Biomutant?

There are mainly three ways to level up fast in Biomutant. Check out our following guide:

1. By completing Main Quests

To Level Up fast, you need to earn as much XP as possible in this game and a large part of the XP you will earn by completing main quests. So, make sure to take of the 4 roots of the Tree of Life which will be attacked by weird oil-based monsters. By completing each of these quests will make you earn XP and so your level goes up quickly.

2. By defeating enemies

The second way to level up fast in Biomutant is by defeating enemies that you will encounter while roaming the world of this game. In such battles, you will need to take down from small enemies to the more challenging monsters as a part of Moog’s Munster Hunter questline. 

Although you will not get a large part of XP after defeating these enemies, little XPs are sure.

3. By completing Side Quests

Also, make sure to keep checking your Side Quests section regularly. There will be several different side missions add which you need to find and complete. The more Side Quests you will complete, the more XP you will earn.

Thus, complete these activities and you will Level Up in no time. When your Level goes up, you will also earn upgrade points which you can utilize to unlock new Wung Fu abilities. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to Level Up in Biomutant.

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