Biomutant – How to Improve Swimming and Swim Longer

One of the most exciting parts of the Biomutant is swimming. However, your player-character is not the master as shown in the opening of the game’s tutorials. So, how you can improve your character’s swimming and swim longer. Let’s learn here in the following.

How to Improve Swimming and Swim Longer in Biomutant

In order to swim for a long period in Biomutant, it is important to improve your Ki energy. It is one type of energy that helps to carry out your Biogenetic abilities and special PSI. It also helps in double jumping, rolling dodge, and other sports. So, now let’s come to the main point – How to improve your Ki energy.

To improve your Ki energy, you need to level up your Intellect. It will not only increase the power of your biogenetic and Psi movements but also will be helpful to increase your energy regeneration and Ki energy.

Better swimming is connected to your Ki energy. And the longer you stay in the water, the quicker it reduces. Once it runs out completely, you will be stopped so you need to reboot the game from the last checkpoint.

Luckily, Biomutant is generous with its autosave and checkpoints so it would not be difficult though. But definitely, it can be annoying sometimes when you are trying to knockout and it turns out a failure.

Also, in Biomutant, you don’t have an option to swim endlessly. You will need to swim Googlide mount to cross the seas without sinking. However, the great part is, once you acquire the Googlide, you do not require swimming.

Your Googlide will not be able to enter some of the areas and you will need to upgrade its engine first. So, it is important to find out the storage containers housing parts to get it upgraded.

That’s all for this guide on How to Improve Swimming and Swim Longer in Biomutant.

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