Biomutant – How to Beat Lupa-Lupin

Biomutant offers so many things to do and many bosses to beat. Lupa-Lupin is one of the giant bosses that you need to defeat many times in the main Biomutant quest. Of course, he is tough, but once you know about his weaknesses and some tactics, you can easily beat him easily and quickly. Thus, here we have given you a complete guide to quickly and easily beat this meat-eater boss every time you meet him.

How to Beat Lupa-Lupin in Biomutant

As we have just mentioned, you will encounter with Lupa-Lupin several times during the game. You will meet him the first time at the starting of the game when you will visit your childhood memories. This boss will be found in the location specified by the map.

Your fight with Lupa-Lupin will proceed mainly in two phases, here are the complete details.

Phase 1:

The first phase is quite easy. In this phase, Lupa Lupin will keep moving around and will use rolls and ground pounds, and attack you at a great speed. Also, he will pick up the tribe members and will throw them at you. You only need to move right and left and avoid his attacks. Also, while moving, keep damaging him by using your melee weapon.

Moreover, he will use his axe to attack you from the distance. Since, it can cause great damage, make sure to dodge these attacks.

Phase 2:

In this second phase, you will notice that the health of Lupa Lupin has been decreased by one-third and so he will become less aggressive.  

Throughout this phase, make sure to attack his head which is his weakest point, and also make sure to keep a safe distance from him. Keep repeating the same process until you see the health of the boss decreased to the third bar. 

Now when he becomes weak, he will use a lunging attack. Here you need to show your best abilities and keep rolling and dodging his attacks.

If you are standing far from the boss, he will come near you by rolling, this is the best time to attack him and. Keep repeating the same attack until his health bar comes down to zero. From this point, a cutscene will start playing.

That’s it for this guide on How to Beat Lupa-Lupin in Biomutant?   Also, check out our next post – How to Increase Your Stats in Biomutant?

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