Best Reserve Keys in Escape from Tarkov and Locations to Use Them

 Best Reserve Keys in Escape from Tarkov and Locations to Use Them

Escape From Tarkov is a kind of game that is very challenging for the players when it comes to raiding, solving the quests, and understanding things that may get confusing sometimes, but what if there is a solution to this? You can get that upper hand over your enemies. One such solution is the keys, so what are the best keys, and where could they be used in the different locations in Escape from Tarkov? In this guide, we are going to talk about the best keys in Escape from Tarkov and the Locations to use them.

Best Keys For Maps in Escape from Tarkov.

We are enlisting all the major keys along with their locations like Shoreline, Reserve, Lighthouse, Lab, Factory, Customs, Woods, and Interchange in detail. These can be used by both the new players and experienced ones to make that Tarkov gameplay a bit easy and more interesting. Here is the full list of keys, along with their location.

Best keys for Shoreline

  • Key to Help Station Storage
  • Key with Tape (East Wing Room 110)
  • East Wing Room 310 Key
  • West Wing Room 216 Key 
  • West Wing Room 301 OR 304 Key
  • Cottage Safe Key 
  • Cottage Back Entrance Key

Best keys for Reserve

  • Marked Keys (RB-BK and RB-VO)
  • RB-PSP1
  • RB-AM
  • RB-PS81
  • RB-PSP2
  • RB-ST
  • RB-PS82
  • RB-SMP
  • RB-TB

Best keys for Lighthouse

  • Rogue USEC Stash Key and Workshop Key
  • USEC First and Second Safe Key
  • Merin Car Trunk Key

Best keys for Lab

  • Lab. Red Keycard
  • Lab. Key. Manager Office

Best keys for Factory

  • Factory Exit Key

Best keys for Custom

  • Gas Station Storage Key & Cabinet
  • Dorm Rooms 110, 114, and 105
  • Factory Key
  • Marked Key (Dorm Room 314)
  • Dorm Rooms 204 and 214

Best keys for Woods

  • ZB-014
  • Shturman Key 

Best keys for Interchange

  • Ultra Medical Storage Key
  • KIBA Store Key & KIBA Grate Key
  • Pharmacy Key
  • Object #21WS Keycard

In conclusion, we wish that the players use them correctly and wisely to make the raids beneficial for themselves and give themselves a chance over the others.

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