Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Performance Guide – Best Settings for PC

Back 4 Blood Performance Guide - Best Settings for PC

Back 4 Blood – One of the most awaited Zombie Shooters games of 2021 is finally out, but not the final version. Players can play this game with close beta early access. There are thousands of players who are already enjoying this game on Steam and Epic Games Store. Those PC users who have already pre-ordered also got a special early access code. If you want to try this game, you should know the best settings for PC to enhance the overall performance while playing this fantastic game.

Back 4 Blood Performance Guide – Best Settings for PC

Here is a complete detail of the settings you should set to enhance the performance of Back 4 Blood.

– Window OS Mode – Fullscreen 

– RAM: 12 GB is sufficient but devs recommend 16 GB

– Anti Aliasing – DLSS (DX12) or TAA (DX11)

– Motion Blur – Off

– Adaptive FX Quality – On (Negligible performance difference)

– VSync – Off (You can turn it on if you’re getting consistent screen tearing)

– Quality – Medium/High

– Texture Quality – High

– Shadow Quality – Low

– HDR – Off

– Contrast – 0

– Graphics API – If available, then use DirectX 12 otherwise DirectX 11 is also fine

– Resolution Scale – 100

– Resolution of the screen – Native

– Nvidia DLSS – Quality (If available)

– Chromatic Aberration – Off

– Field of View – 90 to 100 (Make sure to test the preference before)

– Limit FPS – Off

– Post Processing Quality – Medium

– Effects Quality – Medium

– Foliage Quality – High

– Brightness – 50

– Saturation – 50

– Sharpening – FidelityFX (Ensure to keep it ON always)

That’s all for this guide on Best Settings for PC for Back 4 Blood Performance Guide – Try this setting and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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