Activision Immersed in a Warzone Trademark Dispute with a Web Game

According to the complainant filed by Activision against in the US district court for the Central District of California. threatened the publisher of Call of Duty: Warzone seeking ‘massive damages’ regarding the trademark infringement plus to restrict the publisher (Activision) to use the name ‘Warzone’ or the trademark which is confusingly similar claimed by

Activision, the publisher of Call of Duty Warzone said that, there was no way people getting confused with their game with due to Call of Duty Warzone being a free-to-play battle royal meanwhile being a strategy game based in a browser.

The publisher ( is reportedly stopping Activision from registering their game Call of Duty Warzone as a trademark. Briefly, Activision Publishing Inc. VS. LLC is a declaratory relief complaint.

Activision responded by suing the maker of incremental strategy board game and wants the LA federal court to declare Call of Duty: Warzone has a separate individual entity that does not infringe any trademark against the claims.

Activision further added against the defendant’s claim by mentioning that 16 other games have the word Warzone in the title and many video games use the word or term ‘Warzone’ as a phrase that involves any military combats.

Hence, Activision is in seeking to get a declaratory judgment about not infringing any Trademark rights of plus be required to pay the cost of Activision’s reasonable attorney’s fees that had to pay in this case.

Activision is a mega-giant corporation against a smaller creator like If the filled case is won by Activision which is highly likely to occur, they may keep the Call of Duty Warzone title as it is as before and if they lose, they might have to change the title or the style of the word ‘Worzone’ is used/written.

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