AC Valhalla – How to Get Ulfberht Sword

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In the AC Valhalla, there are a lot of weapons and gear to be found in the Siege of Paris. In order to obtain the best weapon depends on the individual playstyle so it is always recommended to try different types of weapons, rather than sticking to the one you find in the beginning. One of the powerful weapons is Ulfberht Sword which is a medieval European sword. By using this weapon, the speedy swordsman can be more than 500 power. If you have no idea how to obtain it, let’s find out here how to get Ulfberht Sword in AC Valhalla.

How to Get Ulfberht Sword in AC Valhalla

In your Rebel mission or accidentally in Melunois, you will find a fort. In Pruvinis, there you will get a treasure map that will take you to the powerful Ulfberht Sword. It is important to note this task is not a part of your usual quest. So, you can go for it at any time during your gameplay. So, now let’s talk about the exact location of Ulfberht Sword and how to get it?

In order to get Ulfberht Sword in AC Valhalla, leave Pruvinis and go straight to the northeast side. There you will find Bilhaut right beside a river. Here you will see several dead soldiers and a Norse Man who is only alive. Make sure to save your progress here before you progress further.

When you speak to Norse Man, you will come to know that he has killed his soldiers to keep that sword for himself which is named after the late King Egbert. Now, here you will have 3 options:

1. Battle with him to get Ulfberht Sword

2. Pay 3000 silver and get it

3. Or use your Charisma to obtain it. However, you must have Level 2 Charisma or higher

Select any of the options, and you will get Ulfberht Sword. 

That’s it for this guide on How to Get Ulfberht Sword in AC Valhalla.

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