Obols Farming Guide in The Devil in Me – How to Get Obols Fast

Obols are a type of currency that you can find while exploring the World’s Fair Hotel, and you can use it to purchase dioramas, which are just collectible items you can get in the game. You can find Obols in various locations, but there is a faster way to farm them if you wish. In this guide we will see the Obols farming method in The Devil in Me.

Obols Farming Guide in The Devil in Me – How to Get Obols Fast

There is a hack going around where you can farm Obols by backing up the save files at the right moments, and switching the files to help with the farming technique. Here we will see how to go about this in The Devil in Me.

How to Farm Obols for PC in The Devil in Me

To start, you need to locate your The Devil in Me save files in your local directory. It could be under the AppData\Local folder in your respective Drive. Once you locate the Devil in Me folder, click on it and find the Save Games folder. Click on that to find a file with the name SPSaveSlot0001.sav. Depending on the number of saves you have made so far, including auto-saves, the Slot number will change. The save files will vary for solo and multiplayer, but we will just be looking at the solo files for now. Also, it is best to do this hack while in solo play and not in multiplayer. 

Now, we need to create a new folder in your Save Games folder to save your backup save files during your gameplay. You will need this to shift the files around in the game and reload last save points for the Obols hack to work. After creating a new backup folder, head into the game and start the hack.


There are two chapters where you can farm Obols in The Devil in Me; in the Interrogation chapter and in the Maze chapter. For the Interrogation chapter, solve all three Fuzebox puzzles to get access to Kate’s room. You have to make your way through the gap to get inside her room. On the desk is the Skull Obol, but before picking it up, save your game first and then transfer the save file to the new backup folder you created. Now go back into the game and pick up the coin. Exit the game and paste the save file from the backup folder into the actual save folder of the game, load the game again and repeat the process. The Skull Obol will give you x5 Obols every time you pick one up, so you can do this countless times.


For the Maze chapter, complete the breathing mini game to get the Searching Premonition, then make your way to the lower level. There is a statue of two dancers nearby inside a gazebo, head towards them and climb up the stairs to pick up a lever. There is an electrical switchboard in the lower level where you can attach the lever. Now go back up the stairs and turn on all the three switches, this will open up a new passage near the statue. At this point, save your game and move it to the backup folder. After that, load to the point after activating the switches and get down the stairs, but this time take a right instead of going left where the control panel is. Check the nook for a Dove Obol. Exit the game, copy and paste your last save from the backup folder back to the main Save Game folder, reload the game and check the nook again to get the Dove Obol. The Dove Obol will grant you 10x Obol each time. 

How to Farm Obols for Console (PS/ Xbox) in The Devil in Me

It is even simpler to farm Obols for the console, but first you have to load a chapter where you can get an Obol very early, preferably at the start of the chapter. The best chapter you can load is Homestead, where after rolling down the hill, in the forest area on the right side is a Dove Obol. When you load into the chapter, pick on the New Slot option for your save. Head right after getting control over the character to find the Dove Obol on the floor. Pick it up, exit to the main menu, then head into Scene Selection and pick the same chapter. Obols can respawn if you visit the same location again. As for the save file, this time select Override. Repeat the process till you can farm 200 Obols.

Collecting 200 Obols will help unlock the I Like Money trophy/achievement in The Devil in Me. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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