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How to Lower Radicals in Victoria 3

How to Lower Radicals in Victoria 3

Victoria 3, the grand strategy game is finally here after a long wait. Players have been awaiting a sequel of Victoria II which was released twelve years ago in 2010. The new game is even bigger as it spans a hundred years from 1836 to 1936 and allows the players to choose between any of the hundred countries that were existing during this time period. You can grow your population, called pops, from almost nothing, and even go to war with other countries. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to lower radicals in Victoria 3.

How to Lower Radicals in Victoria 3

If you are managing a nation, it is bound to have a lot of needs. One of them is to maintain all the political uprisings which can get out of hand if you’re not too careful. Keep an eye on the radicals on your country who will act out unless you do something. 

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Radicals will ask you to take action, and they basically want to change the government. In Victoria 3, they will be able to get some changes in motions of their own depending on how much power they have. Thus, they should always be kept at a low and not allowed to get too powerful if you want to have control over your game. 

Too many radicals is often a bad thing, so you should reduce their number every once in a while. You can do so by raising the Standard of Living in your country. This will decrease the number of people who do not believe in your rule, and thus clamp down on the number of radicals. 

Political movements may reduce the number of radicals, but it can also increase them. You will be able to balance it out by checking out the numbers of the Radicalism and Support of the movement. Another measure to take is to stop discrimination from happening. You can do so by passing different citizenship laws like Multiculturalism.

When your radicals are low enough in number, they won’t be much of a bother to you anymore.

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