How to Get Exile Outfit and Colors in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Customization is one of the favorite features of video games. Players love to make their characters different than others. Generally, the game gives players various cosmetic options like different clothes, hair, shoes, etc., and Star Wars Jedi Survivor is no exception. If you have been playing the game and want Cal to wear some different clothes, this guide will help you know where to get the Exile outfit in the game.

Exile Outfit Location in Star Wars Jedi Survivor- Where to Get?

If you are an online game fan and play lots of games, you have seen customization in almost every game. Players love to equip new clothes and cosmetic items to the in-game characters and make them unique. For that reason, players don’t even bother spending money to purchase outfits and other cosmetic items from in-game shops. However, in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players don’t need to purchase clothes but have to find them.

Like other games, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has brought different outfits for players, and once acquired, players can equip those outfits to their in-game characters. Players can even change Cal’s look by giving him a new hairstyle. If you want to equip Cal with Exile Outfit, you can get the Jacket inside Marl Cavern. Follow the path from the Fogged Expanse meditation point, and you will eventually reach the chest containing the Exile Jacket.

Exile Outfit Location in Star Wars Jedi Survivor- Where to Get

Let me tell you this outfit comes with only a jacket. Now, once you have acquired the Jacket, follow the below steps to equip it-

1.         Pause the game

2.         Go to Customization

3.         You will see all the cosmetics you own and can select one and equip it.

Cal’s clothes come in different colors, and players can switch the colors of the Exile Jacket if they have them. The colors are not unlocked automatically. You have to unlock them. To get Exile Jacket colors go to Anchorite Base. Climb the ledge next to the meditation point and climb up the low-height wall on the left side. Follow the way, and you will reach the chest.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Exile Outfit in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Remember, outfits are mere cosmetic items without any perks or bonuses.

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