How to Customize Car in Lego 2K Drive

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Lego 2K Drive is the latest Leg-themed racing game released a few days back and received considerable popularity among players. Irrespective of the genre, players love the customization option in video games. From Battle-royales to action adventure to racing games, players love to customize their characters and vehicles to make them different. So, naturally, players have been curious about customizing their cars in Lego 2K Drive, and this guide will help you with it.

Guide to Customize Car in Lego 2K Drive- How to Get?

Racing games are already popular, but Lego series games are the most popular among racing games. These games have their separate fanbase that never decreases. Lego 2K Drive is the latest Lego game released, and like other games of this series, players can build almost everything in this game- from buildings to shops to vehicles.  

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Customization is a signature feature in Lego games, and Lego 2K Drive is no exception. This game allows players to create and decorate their cars and boats. Players can make whatever they imagined their cars to be looked like. The process is not at all complicated, and players will enjoy customizing their vehicles before they start a race.

For detailed information about customizing the cars, follow the below steps-

Guide to Customize Car in Lego 2K Drive- How to Get
  1. Go to the Garage, and you will get the list of the cars you own. If you have already started the game and want to customize the car in the middle of the game, look for a garage in-game. These will work similarly.
  2. Click on the Create option
  3. Select the vehicle type. You must choose which vehicle you want to customize-Boats, Cars, etc.
  4. Click on Body Shop
  5. Select Customize

These are the simple steps to customize your car in Lego 2K Drive. Customization will allow you to add unique stickers and animations to your car. However, if you want to customize a car, we suggest choosing one with the highest stats. Though you can give almost every car a unique look, it is better to select a car that will be beneficial for races. You can even purchase stats for your dream car if you can’t unlock them by playing the game. We recommend focusing on stats that give your car the highest speed and increase your control over it.

That’s all you need to know about how to customize cars in Lego 2K Drive.

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