Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz Answers

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Honaki Star Rail is the latest role-playing adventure game released two days back and received massive popularity among players. As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually understand that this game has several activities to complete. While quests are the vital parts of this game, there are even quizzes that must be answered, and the Ministry of Education quiz is one of them. If you get stuck and looking for the answers, this guide will provide you with all the correct answers to the quiz.

Correct Answers to Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz- What are the Answers?

If you are a role-playing game fan, Honkai Star Rails is a good try. As you progress and understand the features of this game, you’ll eventually reach to Ministry of Education, where you are given with a few questions that must be answered correctly to progress through the game. The Ministry of Education tests the IQ of the players through these questions, and it is challenging to pick the correct answer for every question without help. So, if you need some help, check the list below for all the answers-

Correct Answers to Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education Quiz- What are the Answers

Quiz 1: “The Limestein has a large parking lot…How many cars had their wheels stolen?”

Answer: 14

Quiz 2: “58 is First Snow, and First Snow is 0…Sunflower added together make?”

Answer: 142

Quiz 3: “The Limesteins’ wheel thief was apprehended,… Who was the thief that stole the Limesteins’ wheels?”

Answer: Eric

Quiz 4: “Howard, Philip, and Joyce: among them is a good man, a bad man, and a liar…Which of these three is the liar?”

Answer: Philip

Quiz 5: 1453=0 1915=1 2409=2 6010=3 9981=4 8848=?

Answer: 6

Quiz 6: “Hook is playing a game called ‘Guess the Flower Color’ with her friends…Who is that person?”

Answer: Julian

Quiz 7: “I heard that there’s ancient treasure buried in an inconspicuous corner of the snow plains…Which door should Sampo – Tall, Blue, and Handsome – open?”

Answer: Open the Gold Door.

These are the questions and their respective answers. From the above questions, you can easily see that the Ministry of Education will test your maths, logic, and reasoning. These questions require deep thinking, which will consume time, so if you don’t want to waste time thinking about them, check the answers from the list above and progress.

That’s all you need to know about how to get correct answers for the Honkai Star Rail Ministry of Education quiz. 

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