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Fix Warzone Error Code 48 Download Failed

Fix Warzone Error Code 48 Download Failed

It’s been a frustrating time for fans of Warzone. Over the past several weeks since the launch of the Caldera map the game has been vastly unplayable. The game is a mess on all platforms, especially the PS4, where a large number of players are still unable to play the game due to the “Content package is no longer available” error. PS5 and Xbox Series X|S have had struggles of their own from the texture glitch to the low FPS. While players on PC were mostly untouched by the issues faced by console players, the Warzone error code 48 with the message ‘Download Failed’ has affected players on all platforms.

In the usual fashion, the error started after the recent update to the game and is preventing players from continuing with the game. Another error that’s emerged after the update is the Warzone error code Torch. While there is no sure fix for the error 48, there is a range of solutions you can try that have worked for other users.

Warzone Pacific Error Code 48 Fix

The cause of the Warzone error code 48 seems to be similar to what PS4 players have been facing for the past month. For some reason, the PS consoles are unable to get the latest update for the game and it’s throwing all kinds of errors, even the dev error 6039. The most effective fix would be to reinstall the game, but the huge size of the game and the constant errors make it a cumbersome process. So, the first thing you should do on PC and console is to manually check for updates. Press the Options for Warzone and choose ‘Check for Updates.’ If the system is still unable to get the update, some other solutions you can try are:

Follow the Error 48 Prompt

When you get the error message, there are two options that the game allows you, we suggest that you go through both of them and see if that makes a difference. First, hit the ‘Retry’ button and check if the error message pops up again. Failing that, choose the option to ‘Go Offline’ and then, come back online again. Once you return online, the update should initiate and once it’s complete you should be able to play the game.

Hard Reset the Console to Fix Warzone Error Code 48

A normal reboot should also work, but a hard reset is even better as it takes care of two issues at a time that could be preventing the update from installing such as bad cache. To hard reset, power down the console normally and disconnect the power cords, hold the power button for 10 seconds to flush any remaining power and then, connect the power cords and start normally. Once the console has booted up, the game should get the update and after it’s complete you should be able to play.

Reinstall the Game Completely

Finally, if none of the above solutions have worked, the only option you have at hand is to reinstall the game completely on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. The huge size of the game and the constant errors after each update that require reinstalling make this a frustrating fix, but the decision rests with you.

There has been no acknowledgment of the Warzone Pacific Error Code 48 from the devs much like so many issues with the game like the low FPS bug. We will update the post when new information becomes available to us.    

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