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Fix Apex Legends 100% CPU Usage

Fix Apex Legends 100% CPU Usage

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence has officially launched and so far the game looks great. There is a lot of new content in the game including map change, a new Legend, weapons, and more. However, the new update to the game has failed to address a long impending bug with the game. Players are reporting the Apex Legends 100% CPU usage. While the CPU usage is unideal, the main problem when the CPU reaches its capacity is the bad performance of the game and lag. Users have been affected by this issue for the past few months. Here is what Respawn Entertainment has to say about the problem, “We are aware of this issue.”

Fix Apex Legends 100% CPU Usage

With the fix not coming in the past several months, it’s anyone’s guess when the issue would be resolved. However, the gaming community has found some solutions of its own. Here is what you can do to fix Apex Legends high CPU usage.

How to Fix Apex Legends High CPU Usage

Before you start with the solutions, you should note that the main issue might be with the game and certain specific system hardware as the issue has been impacting a lot of players and has not gone away for several months while others play without any problem at all. Having said that, a lot of users were able to fix the Apex Legends 100% or high CPU usage with the below solutions.

  1. Restart the computer
    • If there has been a recent patch or you just started to see the problem, restart the system. There may be a temporary system overload that may be causing the issue.
  2. Launch the game in a clean boot environment
    • Overtime, your computer can accumulate a lot of software that you don’t know the use for and it keeps running in the background. Some of these software may be outdated and consuming too many resources on your system. A clean boot environment eliminates a third-party software interfering with the game or consuming too many resources.
  3. Provide Admin Permission to the game
    • Locate the .exe file of the game and provide it admin permission. Doing so has also helped some users with the Apex Legend high CPU usage.
  4. Repair game files
    • If there is an issue with the game files, it can lead to the problem. Both the Steam and the Origin client provide you with options to repair the game files.
  5. Clear Cache on Origin and Steam
    • Few users have reported that clearing the cache from the launcher has helped them with the high CPU usage.
  6. Set Affinity for the Client you use to play Apex Legends
    • Here are the steps you can follow to set affinity.
    • Launch the client you use to play the game – Steam/Origin
    • Press Windows + X and click on Task Manager
    • Right-click on Steam/Origin and select Go to details
    • Locate the main Steam/Origin process and right-click on it.
    • Click on Set affinity
    • Uncheck all the processor cores except the first and the last.

These are the best solutions that have worked for users to resolve the Apex Legends 100% CPU usage. This has been an ongoing issue with the game. It started with the Genesis update and has continued to affect more and more players since then. However, there has been no update from the developers.  

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