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F1 22 Server Status – Are Codemaster Servers Down – How to Check

F1 22 Server Status – Are Codemaster Servers Down - How to Check

F1 22 and all the recent titles in the series are mostly online or at least a number of modes. And online games are always vulnerable to server problems. From time to time the Codemaster servers can go into maintenance or can be undergoing a glitch that on the user’s end can result in a variety of error codes including 1000:H and 500:H. When this happens, the first thing we suggest you do is to check the F1 22 or Codemasters server status. Stick with the post and we will show you the various ways you can verify the status of the F1 22 servers.

Are Codemasters/F1 22 Servers down – How to Check

Whenever you get an error that has an indication of the problem on the server side, the first place to visit is the Twitter handle for F1. You will find information there if maintenance is scheduled. At the time of writing, there is a downtime planned and a lot of users are getting server problems. So, you should watch a tweet identical to the below when the F1 22 servers are down.


If you are getting the F1 22 Error 2631071469:S, don’t freak out because it’s another problem with the servers and not an issue on your end. It’s likely that the update brought during the downtime has caused a glitch with the servers.

At the time of writing, there isn’t a better place to check the status of the game as there is no Downdetector page for it. You can also test your connection to the server by clicking on the below link.

That’s all we have in this guide. If you know of a better way to check the status of F1 22 servers, let us know in the comments.   

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