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How to Find All Ranged Weapons in Minecraft Dungeons

June 8, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Ranged Weapons are central to exploring dungeons and defeating mobs in the way. They help you launch projectiles from a distance and engage mobs without the need to get closer and away from harm’s way. Defeating mini bosses like the Enderman, Evoker and other is easier when you have  a powerful Ranged Weapon in your […]

How to Get Fox Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

June 3, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Gear and artifacts are central to Minecraft Dungeons. The characters in the game are as powerful as their level, weapons, armor, and enchantments. And the Fox Armor is one of the most sought armor. The Fox Armor was created by ancient villagers who wanted to honor the fox as a formidable and wise warrior. Hence, […]

Valorant Omen Agent Guide: How to Play as Omen

June 3, 2020 By Harsh Clif

As with the beta, currently the number of Agents in Valorant is 10, but we can soon see an addition and maybe more as the game matures. Omen is one of the most sought Agents in the game and come with its own unique ability defined by its class. There are four classes of Agents […]

Where to Find TAYGA 6436 in Snowrunner

June 2, 2020 By Harsh Clif

Snowrunner is a great game for players who want something refreshing in the driving game niche. The game offers ultra-realistic simulation of extreme terrains. It puts you on the wheels of some of the most powerful vehicles from brands like Chevrolet, Ford, Freightliner, and others. And the Tayga 6436 qualifies as one of the best […]

How to Unlock Agents in Valorant

June 2, 2020 By Harsh Clif

If you weren’t part of the beta and have just jumped into what’s anticipated to be the biggest title from Riot Games – Valorant, there is a lot of amazing surprise for you. The game is simply awesome, no wonder long time CS:GO players are transitioning to the game. Agents are like skins in the […]

How to Get Married in Animal Crossing New Horizons

June 1, 2020 By Harsh Clif

With the ongoing wedding season in Animal Crossing New Horizon, players are wondering if they can tie the knot. The straightforward answer to this question is a no. Sorry for the disappointment, but you can celebrate the marriage of the NPCs, which is the reason behind the event. There are over 400 NPCs in the […]

How to Increase Infamy Rank in Maneater

May 31, 2020 By Harsh Clif

An action role-play video game developed by Tripwire Interactive, Maneater is a mean great white seeking vengeance. This game would renew your memories of the Hollywood blockbuster Jaws, only you are the shark in the game and out seeking vengeance. Maneater is all about eating , exploring, and evolving in the seas as an apex […]