Best Idle Heroes Character Tier List January 2023

Antara B
Antara B

Idle Heroes is an online role-playing game for androids where players need to make their own squad of heroes and set out for an adventure. There are several options available in the game, and players need to select the best heroes from there to make their team. Things become complicated when you have to choose from so many options. That is when players make mistakes. This guide will help you with the tier list of best and worst characters so players can easily understand whom they should add to their team and whom to avoid.

Another thing players should notice is that this tier list may differ from player to player as it is not an official tier list; instead, it is a tier list that we made according to our choice of heroes.

Best Heroes in Idle Heroes- Complete Tier List January 2023

The heroes play a crucial role in the Idle Heroes. So, players must select the best heroes from the 200+ heroes the game feature. Each hero has its unique set of abilities, but some are certainly better than others. Players need to find out the best heroes to make their teams. We have divided the heroes into five tiers, both for PvP and PvE. Also, this guide includes characters that we find better than the rest.

PvP Tiers
SAmen-Ra, Carrie, Rogan, Scarlet Queen- Halora, Russell, Flash-Xia, Sherlock.
ATix, Ignis, Drake
BInosuke, Aida, Tara
CMorax, Flora, Ithaqua
DUniMax 3000
PvE Tiers
S2x Delacium, Garuda, Russell, Drake, Heart Watcher, Ithaqua
AEmily, Delacium, Gustin, 2x Skerei, Das Moge, Aspen, Ormus, Elyvia, Sigmund, Nakia, Belrain, Deathsworn.
BBarea, Amen-Ra, Carrie, Gerke, Amuvor, Horus, Rosa, Tara, Kroos, Rogan, Asmodel, Ignis, Penny, Karim, Skerei.
  CXia, Faith Blade, Cthugha, Aida, Dark Arthindol, UniMax 3000, Walter, Ice Blink
D  Jahra, Mihm, Starlight, King Barton, Aidan, Vesa, Michelle, Valentino, Baade, Valkyrie.

That’s the best tier list for the Idle Heroes (June 2022). The S-tier heroes are the best in both modes (PvP and PvE).  Players should aim to get these heroes from the beginning. The next tier that also contains one of the game’s best heroes is the A-tier. B and C are the average tiers. But we suggest not choosing heroes from the D tier.

However, if you are looking for a tier guide to get some help regarding character selection, check out our guide for help.

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