Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Best Egg Power Sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Best Egg Power Sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players can do various activities while roaming and exploring the Paldea Region. Both the new games have brought back some old mechanics into the game, while others are newly introduced systems. One of the newly introduced systems that have earned considerable popularity is the Sandwich recipes. There are various types of Sandwiches players can get in Pokemon Scarlet, and Violet and Egg Power Sandwich is among the most popular.

Egg Power Sandwich Recipe in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- Which are the Best Ones to Make?

As we have already mentioned, Sandwiches are the newly introduced items in the games, and these Sandwiches can players during their adventures in different locations of the Paldea region. Different Sandwiches require different ingredients and buff different stat of the players. For example, Egg Power Sandwiches increase the probability of finding an egg during a Picnic and reduce the steps to hatch the eggs.

If you don’t know the egg hatching and getting system in the game, let me tell you in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a lot of systems have changed, and now, if players have Compatible Pokemon in their team, they can get Eggs on their basket during Picnics which they have to hatch themselves. Egg Power Sandwiches help them to get more eggs and hatch them in less time than usual.

Egg Power Sandwich Recipe in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet- Which are the Best Ones to Make

Though the game has different Egg Power Sandwich recipes, not all are equally good. There are a few Egg Power Sandwiches that can effectively buff the players’ stats; they require fewer ingredients and are made easily. Check the below list for the best Egg Power Sandwich recipes-

Great Peanut Butter Sandwich

This sandwich is made of Banana, Butter, and Peanut Butter and has the following meal powers-

  • Exp.Point Power: Normal Level 1
  • Egg Power: Level 2
  • Raid Power: Electric Level 1

Jam Sandwich

This is the easiest sandwich recipe you can make with Jam and Strawberries. It has the following meal powers-

  • Egg Power: Level 1
  • Catching Power: Fighting Level 1
  • Item Drop Power: Psychic Level 1

Great Marmalade Sandwich

This recipe requires three ingredients- Butter, Marmalade, and Cheese. Following are the meal powers of this sandwich-

  • Egg Power: Level 2
  • Raid Power: Rock Level 1
  • Item Drop Power: Poison Level 1

These are the best Egg Sandwich recipes players can make in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. As you can see, Butter is a Common ingredient in each recipe, so try to have lots of Butter, and you require other specific ingredients for these recipes.

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