Lost Judgment

Where to Find UFO in Lost Judgement

Where to Find UFO in Lost Judgement

Lost Judgement is an excellent, thrilling mystery game developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and released by Sega on 24th September 2021. This game is full of twists and turns. Besides the primary mission, the game has some side missions as well. These funny side missions help reduce the dark tone of the main story. Finding UFO is one of these side missions. This guide will help you to find the UFO.

The Truth Side Case

To start this mission, first, go to the front of Seiryo High School, where you’ll find some students chatting about UFOs through texting. Listen to their chatting until the word UFO is added to the Buzz Research app on your phone. Once it is added to your phone, type the keywords in the search bar, and you’ll see a post that says UFOs can only be seen at night. Wait until it is night.

The search for UFOs begins at night. When you see a mark on the map named the SRC’s Hunt for the Truth, head towards Kinka Bridge. The case starts from the Survive Bar near the Southside of Kinka Bridge. After arriving at the spot, listen to the drone-like sound and look up to the sky when you hear it. You’ll see the UFO floating in a specific pattern. Go to observatory mode and watch it. You’ll get the clues to move forward with this case.

To search for another UFO, type the keyword again in the Buzz Research app, and you’ll be taken to a spot between E central St. and Central St, where you’ll meet your new client Yabuki, who informs you that he suspects that a UFO abducts his father. He requests the detective to take a picture of the UFO when he finds one. To accomplish this mission, type UFO in the Buzz research app once again, and this will take you to Fukutoku Park. Stand in the middle of the park and go in observatory mode to observe the flying craft. Once you finish examining it, take out your camera and take a clear shot of the UFO. Keep in mind that you need an in-focus photo of the UFO to complete this mission.

Once it is successfully done, search for UFO in the Buzz Research app again, and this time, you’ll be taken to the Seiryo High School. There you’ll find some students who will take you to the roof of the school to take one last picture of the UFO. Go to the observatory mode and examine the UFO first. Then take a clear picture of the UFO.

You have to chase the UFO in the next scene by following the controlling instructions that appear on your screen. This chase is not dependent on health items so wait until the UFO’s health becomes zero. Once you grab the UFO, your mission is completed.

This mission is a little bit difficult, but you’ll definitely find it easier to complete this side mission if you follow this guide.

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