My Time at Sandrock

Romance Options in My Time At Sandrock

Romance Options in My Time At Sandrock

Pathea Games’ next open-world game is a spiritual sequel to the classic My Time at Portia, and it’s already proving popular. My Time at Sandrock, like other life games, is all about restoring the community of the eponymous town to its former glory, and there’s a diverse cast of individuals with whom you may engage and establish connections along the way. Even better, many of them are available for marriage.

My Time at Sandrock’s romance possibilities are already fairly varied, albeit because it has just recently been released on Steam Early Access, not all of the NPCs and romance options have yet been set up. 

According to the game’s official wiki, “some characters are romanceable and are shown with love icons on their individual social profile,” although this functionality hasn’t yet been implemented for everyone, even if they have been verified as a romance option.

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Romance Options in My Time at Sandrock

There are 17 verified NPCs who can be ‘romanced,’ with marriage being the end result. There are 10 bachelors and 7 bachelorettes, although the gender of the player character has no bearing on prospective partnerships. All 17 romance candidates are eligible, regardless of whether the player is male or female.

Here are the verified romance possibilities for My Time at Sandrock:

  1. Amirah (Bachelorette)
  2. Arvio (Bachelor)
  3. Burgess (Bachelor, yet to be implemented)
  4. Catori (Bachelorette)
  5. Elsie (Bachelorette)
  6. Ernest (Bachelor)
  7. Fang (Bachelor)
  8. Grace (Bachelorette)
  9. Heidi (Bachelorette)
  10. Jane (Bachelorette)
  11. Justice (Bachelor)
  12. Mi-an (Bachelorette)
  13. Miguel (Bachelor, yet to be implemented)
  14. Owen (Bachelor)
  15. Pen (Bachelor, yet to be implemented)
  16. Qi (Bachelor)
  17. Unsuur (Bachelor)

Venti, another bachelorette, is the game’s 18th character, however, she has yet to be built and incorporated.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, My Time at Sandrock and its precursor, My Time at Portia, give a solid starting point.

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