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New World Fish Roe Locations – Where to Find

New World Fish Roe Locations – Where to Find

Fish Roe is a consumable item and a delicacy in Aeternum. It’s raw food and the recipe that utilizes it is Caviar Crostini. If you are someone that loves to craft and gather resources, New World is a delight as it’s filled with thousands of such items. Fish Roe is obtained from two fishes in the game – the Sturgeon and Paddlefish. But, you may find it on other fishes as well. It’s just that we haven’t heard of other fishes that produce these items. So, if you want to find the Fish Roe, you need to track their two fishes in the game. Keep reading and we will share the New World Fish Roe locations.

Where to Find New World Fish Roe Locations

Both the Sturgeon and Paddlefish are inhabitants of fresh water and the only way to catch fish in the game is with the fishing pole. So, we hope you have had some practice. If not, here is a guide on how to fish in New World.

Besides finding the fish also ensure that the quality is rare as you have a better chance of finding Fish Roe that way. The Firefly bait is great for catching uncommon fish and you should use that to increase your chances.

Leveling up the fishing talent will not just make it easy to get Fish Roe, but help you catch a variety of fish and harness the resources from them. After catching an uncommon fish, savage the fish to find the resources you are looking for. Now every catch will reward you with the Fish Roe, so you have to try multiple times. Any fishing hotspot should get you both the Sturgeon and Paddlefish.

That’s all we have in this guide. Check out the game category for more guides and tips to play New World.

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