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New World Firefly Bait Locations – Where to Find

New World Firefly Bait Locations – Where to Find

There are tons of resources in New World that you need to hunt for side quests and village missions. However, the Firefly bait is a resource you would require for fishing as you must already be aware. The Firefly bait allows increases the chance of catching uncommon fish, which can, in turn, reward you with some useful resources. Most of the resources are obtained when you harvest particular items, in this case, the Bulrush. Keep reading and we will share the New World Firefly Bait Locations.

Where to Find Firefly Bait Location in New World

To find the Firefly bait in New World, you need to search around freshwater and the Blurush bushes. They often have a lot of the bait. The river that passes through Walsham and Dustmeadow has a lot of Bulrush bushes and the opportunity to farm the Firefly. Check out the below map for the exact location.

Firefly Bait Location in New World

Go to the above location and you will find plenty of Blurush bushes. Most of them have multiple Firefly bait, so you will get all that you require.

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