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New World Faction Seals – How to Get and Use

New World Faction Seals - How to Get and Use

Faction Seals are an item in New World that can easily go unnoticed, but their importance in the game is immense, specifically when it comes to improving your defense. You can use the faction seals to improve your armor stats. The great thing about this item is it’s quite easy to obtain as well as equip, of course, that’s when you know how to do it. Stick with the post and we will walk you through how to get Faction Seals in New World as well as how to use them.

How to Get Faction Seals in New World

To get Faction Seals in New World, you need to go to the Faction Vendor. At this stage of the game that’s the only source to obtain this upgrade item. But, before you go with the equipping, you should know that you cannot pair the Faction Seals to any other added gems that you have on the armor. Doing so will destroy the gems that you have on.

At the Faction Shop, most of these seals are worth 100 faction points, which is frankly quite cheap given their role in improving the armor.

As you may have guessed, there are a variety of Factions Steals, and each boasts a specific attribute. Keep reading and we will show you how to equip the Faction Steals in New World.

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How to Equip or Use Faction Seals in New World

Once you have gotten your hand on one of these Seals, you can equip them at the workbench. Ensure you are at the right workbench as per your armor type and that the armor itself is unequipped. Equipped armor won’t be in the Inventory and hence, cannot be used.

So, once you have taken off the armor, go to the workbench menu > crafting > select armor piece > click craft. Once you follow the steps, the Faction Seals will be used and merged with the armor. Also, note that the Faction Seal can only be used on the Faction Armor.

If the Faction Armor has a gem, remove them before equipping the seals. Once you have equipped the Faction seals you can then use the gems.     

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