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NBA 2K23: Build Prices Compared to Previous Years

NBA 2K23: Build Prices Compared to Previous Years

NBA 2K23 is the long-running NBA franchise’s newest game which has five editions to appeal to different players. It had its official release on 9th September 2022, with pre-orders available from 7th July. The game has a loyal player base, with builds being created and shared over the years across various versions and editions of the game. In this article, we’ll show you how much the versions of NBA cost over the years.

NBA 2K23: Build Prices Compared to Previous Years

According to this Reddit post, a player analyzed how much NBA costs can go up to over three years, comparing the games of NBA 2K21-23. This has led to some shocking findings in which many have been expressing their contempt. 

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Reddit uses PayDBoardMan has created a random build to see how much the game cost players over the years. Here are the findings in game currency:

The total cost for NBA 2K21 is 270k.

The total cost for NBA 2K22 is 360k.

And finally, the total cost for NBA 2K23 is 450k.

As is evident, the rate of inflation is off the charts, and keeping in mind that the latest version has no physicals and less rebounding, the amount for NBA 2K23 is alarmingly high when compared to its predecessors. With a 90k increase per year, which is approximately $25 in US Dollars, the inflation rate has shocked players and Reddit users who peruse the forum. 

Some players have said that a smaller rate of inflation is the expectation, like about 3%. However, the numbers imply that is amount is closer to 50%. Keeping in mind that the quests in the latest version of the game take longer, this means that players will not only have to spend more time in the game, but also more cash. The quests are mandatory and must be completed before the player can get their second contract.

Another Reddit user LoveLanguage2991 has commented that it would take around four to six months to get anywhere in the game, which is to play competitive online mode. This means that most players will be forced to invest some real-life money into the game because of how long it takes, making the entire thing a cash grab.

Several users have commented that this will be the last NBA game they play.

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