Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) – How to Get Potions

Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) - How to Get Potions

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the biggest games this year coming to Nintendo Switch. The game is set to launch for PC in early 2022. While we have had two teasers in the form of demos, the game finally comes out today. It’s a massive open-world like the previous title in the series and bring a lot of new mechanics to the game like the Wirebug. There is a lot of new things in the game from monsters, new weapons, old weapons with modified actions due to the Wirebug and so much more. While playing the game you are bound to take damage and would require healing. Two of the main source of healing in the game in by drinking potions.

Monster Hunter Rise has two main potions. The normal potion that heal is little amount of health and the Mega potion that heals a moderate amount of health. While there are other healing items that restores maximum health? The Potion and the Mega Potion are the easiest to get as you start the game. You would be using them so often that it’s better that you know how to get potions in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) before you start, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to acquire them.

How to Get Potions in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

When heading out on a quest, you will come across Supply boxes that are the easiest source of finding potions, first-aid Med+, and other items. To get potions in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise), you will have to loot the supply boxes, find items in the field that can be used to craft potions using the crafting Menu. For the Potion, you require just 1 Herb, which can be found in the fields.

For the Mega Potion, you require Potion and 1 Honey or 1 Herb and 1 Honey. Once you have the potion in your inventory, you need to equip it. Once equipped, you can press the Y key to consume it at any time. Here is how to equip and use the potion in Monster Hunter Rise.

  • Sheathe your weapon. Pressing R will auto sheathe the weapon as you sprint
  • Hold L to open the Item Bar
  • Locate the Potion by pressing Y or A
  • Release L when the item is selected
  • Press Y anytime to use the item.

While consuming there is a slight motion frame for a few second where you are vulnerable, so be careful of attacks when consuming the potion. You should do it when the monster is resting after taking an injury. It gives you just the right amount of time to consume a potion.   

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