Monster Hunter Rise – How to Get Narga Medulla

Monster Hunter Rise offers so much to do after you have taken down the final boss such as finding relics and upgrading weapons to the max. There are so many upgrade options available for weapon in MHR that you could easily spend months grinding. One of the resources that’s proving difficult to locate is the Narga Medulla. Like most items in the game, the Narga Medulla also drops from monsters. Here is how to get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Narga Medulla in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to take down the Nargacuga, ideally, in a rampage mission. It goes without saying, to get this rare item and you need to be in high rank missions. You can get the item as carve reward, target reward, or capture. However, there is a significantly high change of it dropping as a carve reward from the Nargacuga monster.

Nargacuga MHR

While almost all the ways can get the Narga Medulla, do not attempt to capture the creature as the drop rate is next to impossible. However, carving the tail has a drop chance of 12%, which is the highest. Carving the body has a 7% chance, and 5% as target.  

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