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Harry S
Harry S

Madden 22 was released with a lot of bugs and glitches. It has to be one of the worst releases in the past few years in the Madden NFL series. The unfortunate situation is the bugs existed during the early access and have continued nearly three weeks into the game. One of the two most daunting issues with the game has been resolved or eased partially. The desync bug in franchise mode has had an update a few days back. But, the Madden 22 Face of the Franchise slow-motion glitch and hundreds of others continue to haunt players. Stick with this post and we will detail you about the bugs and any possible workaround.

List of Bugs Current Present in Madden NFL 22

Here is the complete list of all known bugs in the game. It’s likely we may have missed something as it’s not possible to track each and every bug, especially minor ones that affect few players. If we missed something please use the comment to expand the list.

  1. Face of the Franchise Slow Motion Bug
    • Workaround – Simulate to the next week instead of completing the game when the bug occurs.
  2. WR mentorship Bug
  3. Xbox Series X Hard Crashes
  4. When in mid route you switch players (WR/CB)
  5. A kick hits the uprights every single time
  6. Face of the Franchise freeze
  7. Coach Firing glitch
  8. Random Kicks from EA Servers
  9. Breakout Scenarios don’t work
  10. Game goals don’t work
  11. Play diagrams not showing up in the play calling menu
  12. Playing yourself in FoF (PS5 tested only)
  13. White QB with brown legs (PS5 tested only)
  14. When out of bounds the clock keeps going
  15. When playing an actual player in an Online Franchise, desync error.
  16. When drafting, your positional grades are displayed wrong
  17. When creating an owner, the name screen glitches so sometimes you end up with no name
  18. sometimes a receiver will glitch and run directly backwards mid route
  19. When a 4th down conversion is attempted the CPU will still line up in punt formation
  20. FoF Avatar named “Generic Player” and is irreversible.
  21. “Safeties don’t safety during deep passes.”
  22. Gambler Broken
  23. “As they compete for a trip to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta”
  24. No halftime adjustments
  25. defensive play calls on offense
  26. Blinding white light that makes the draft unplayable,
  27. Players teleport to different spots on the field
  28. Name input when playing as an owner in CFM (offline) shows up blank
  29. Can’t edit CPU generated draft classes?
  30. Sock height glitch.
  31. Various glitches with the face creation.
  32. Stuck with orange eyebrows for my FoF avatar
  33. Your player name not recognized in the intro (nameplate announcers say “Madden”).
  34. When in FF the announcers only refer to you as “Madden”, even if your name is corrected on the roster.
  35. Field randomly goes black in spots.
  36. Drafted by Jets with #2 overall in 2021 draft; Zach Wilson still on roster.
  37. Had a challenge to get “player returning from injury” into game. The player was supposed to be Corey Davis, challenge went to Crowder, Crowder didn’t get a single snap all game, Davis’s stats for the game didn’t count towards the challenge.
  38. The classic “disconnected from servers” every 20 minutes.
  39. CPU in a 2 minute drill will go no huddle, and once they are set on the line, then they take the timeout, wasting 10 seconds at the end of the game
  40. continues to shut off console when a game is played
  41. No CR gain in FoF
  42. no 5th year option for first round picks
  43. “Momentum Stealer” and “Under Control” Achievements/Trophies are bugged and cannot be unlocked
  44. The kicking meter disappeared along with audibles
  45. LT is listed twice on trade bar, cannot trade RT
  46. Jordan X’s cannot be put on players in Franchise mode or Create A Player
  47. Hands Completely Bugged
  48. Hybrid Uniforms
  49. Hold “X”/”A” to reorder
  50. Stuck on game load screen
  51. Kicked from EA Servers when simulating to next season
  52. Unable to sign free agents
  53. Scout and getting fired when the option is disabled
  54. CBs will not do anything on punt returns
  55. Lost Game Glitch (47-17 turns into 17-0)
  56. CPU fills roster
  57. Coach image on a player’s profile when on the injured list
  58. No Franchise outcomes are saved
  59. Franchise gave breakout scenario to injured player
  60. Missing X-Factors
  61. Coach coaching multiple teams
  62. Player gets taken out of the game with no easy way to put back in
  63. Cannot get player handiness correct
  64. Getting a position twice when scrolling through roster
  65. After a trade is done and another is attempted (without leaving the trade screen) not allowed to select own players as trade capital
  66. 80+ Ovr teams losing to 70+ Ovr teams. (According to original poster, has “never happened before”)
  67. General incompletion glitches
  68. Superhuman DBs
  69. Games at midnight
  70. CPU QB stat line always remains nearly exactly the same
  71. Bugged Commentary
  72. “You have already unlocked this collection”
  73. Draft Fog Affects
  74. Infinite staff points
  75. Player ratings slow to update
  76. Generally broken scenarios
  77. Ghost players
  78. Penalties not called
  79. Players with red glow
  80. Physics broken
  81. Skills Trainer freeze
  82. Hail Mary Slant glitch
  83. X-Factor showing as Superstar
  84. X-Factor losing abilities
  85. Pass Coverage visual feedback not working
  86. Madden 22 Crashing PC on boot
  87. Kicker/Punter stops before kicking ball
  88. MLB blitz even when should be on zone/man
  89. Weekly Training camera bug
  90. Players have purely white arms
  91. Can’t load into franchise mode
  92. Teams retain possession after fumbles
  93. Kyle Rudoph played 2 seasons with the Titans
  94. Momentum bar messed up
  95. YEET fumbles
  96. Players running out of bounds then catching a ball
  97. Crazy 3D animation
  98. Invisible tackles
  99. Frame rate issue
  100. Bears do not have 1rst round pick in 2021 EDIT: Actually more realistic than Madden has ever been
  101. Punts that pass the endzone count as a touchdown
  102. Games cannot be completed
  104. CPU decides to run with FB even if OVR is worse
  105. Quick Matchup games that won’t start count as losses

So, there are all the bugs that we currently know of. We intend to update each of the bugs with workaround or news from the devs, but for that, you need to comment with the bug you have encountered. Please do so and we will try to help you the best we can. Updating each of these bugs is not possible, so we need you to comment. Also, please include the bug number in your comments.  

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  • When I play franchise mode on my ps5 my controller turns inactive. It goes into the computer playing man to man on defense every play and I have no control over the person I am on. On offense it’s goes cpu as well the cpu controls my quarterback for about 5 seconds before I can make any movement. I know it’s sounds weird but has this happen to somebody else before ? Or can anyone tell me the cause of this glitch please ..

  • When playing franchise mode and I want to use offence only mode, leaving the defence to the computer, there is never any interceptions for the defence

  • In cloud franchise CPU punt returner doesn’t signal fair catch by waving arm but when you tackle it’s a penalty for hitting the returner.

  • I can’t play in my online franchise for more than about 20 minutes before I get disconnected from the EA servers. Very frustrating

  • For certain teams when I try to kick or punt the kicking meter freezes for about 5 seconds. I met it unfreezes and then the ball gets kicked it goes either directly to the right or left.

  • Glitch #106 – On PC upon any hit stick tackle that makes contact the game may freeze for 3-5 seconds. I can confirm this to be true to others as I’ve asked other people and it affects them too. Not only that but this glitch wasn’t even in the game when it was released. They added a game-breaking glitch into the game after I bought it and still haven’t fixed it.

  • #43“Momentum Stealer” and “Under Control” Achievements/Trophies are bugged and cannot be unlocked.

    Please Fix
    Thanks for your time and hard work.

    • Hi Sorry, there is no known workaround or fix at the time. There is also no acknowledgment from the devs that we know of.

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